The Evenflo Tribute LX

The particular Evenflo Tribute LX is really a convertible car seat that will meets all federal security standards, is side effect testing (though it will not specify how or even what for), and it is developed for structural integrity in energy levels 2X the particular federal crash tests requirements. The Tribute is small and lightweight. This chair features 4 shoulder funnel positions and 2 crotch positions with an upward front 5 point funnel adjustment. The Tribute consists of fabric shell cover, funnel and buckle covers, plus a machine washable chair pad. This seat will be LATCH equipped and offers energy absorbing foam lining. It can be utilized rear facing for kids 4-40 pounds and 19-37 inches, and forward dealing with for children 22-40 lbs and 28-40 inches high.

Performance Comparison

The Evenflo Homage LX

Crash Check

The Evenflo has EPS foam upon the inside of the particular shell for energy assimilation in the event associated with an accident

The Evenflo Homage has got the most impressive accident test data results with regard to this number of 10 items. The testing data used from the sensors put into the head and upper body parts of a crash check dummy inside a sled accident test indicate that making use of the seat leads to the particular least amount of Gary the gadget guy forces on the entire body than some other product all of us looked at. While almost all the seat in the particular review meet or surpass the Federal Minimum security guidelines outlined within the FMVSS 213, this seat will be a bit of the stand out for achieveing the particular best results in the particular head sensor and much better than average results with regard to the chest sensor. This particular seat's head and upper body crash test sensor information is significantly lower compared to the most limit allowed. All of us used sled crash assessments made to the same specs as those used simply by the National Highway Visitors Safety Administration (NHTSA) within their testing. The check data for the Evenflo indicates which is offers a good additional margin of security over most of the particular competition in this evaluation.

The upper body sensor located in Clek Foonf recorded the reduce amount of G causes than all the chairs that people had tested with regard to this review. The Evenflo has the lowest quantity of Gs recorded within the head sensor out associated with all the products all of us tested.

Ease of Set up - LATCH

The Evenflo is not the easiest to set up with LATCH or along with the vehicle belt

The particular Evenflo scored a five out of 10 with regard to ease of installation making use of the LATCH system. This particular is not an excellent score for a technique that was made to become easier than utilizing the automobile seat belt. We examined each seat in several cars by multiple testers to get a great idea of the typical experience users will discover whenever they install the chairs. The Clek and Britax Boulevard ClickTight earned the perfect 10 for the particular metric and the higher score, while the Security 1st Alpha Elite sixty-five earned only 3 factors.


The Evenflo seat will be about as barebones because a seat could get plus still call itself a vehicle seat. The LATCH anchors are the simple cut style anchors that are usually fairly easy to obtain upon, but require some pressing, twisting, and finagling in order to unhook. However, which is not exactly what hurt this seat within the scoring. We experienced to utilize a towel in the particular rear facing configuration in order to install this eat within a few of the particular cars. The LATCH band is threaded in various spots for forward compared to rear facing and you may require to remove almost the whole seat cover to proceed the strap. There will be also a plastic retainer clip that seems badly placed and makes this hard to tighten the band effectively. Once we obtained it installed it did not feel all that safe in every vehicle. Back facing was somewhat a lot more stable, but forward dealing with seemed a little reduce. It took two individuals to get the band tight enough and 2 to obtain it loose because well. The button utilized to loosen the band is so stiff this hurt our fingers whenever we finally managed to push it tough enough to function. On the up part, you hopefully will not be setting up this seat frequently. Nevertheless, if you live within a city and get taxis frequently, you may be drawn to this particular seat because it will be the lightest, keep within mind though that a person will need extra period to install it along with a towel for rear dealing with in most cars. This particular might ruin its possible despite the attractive bodyweight.

Ease of Install -- Belt

We needed a soft towel for that rear installation associated with the Evenflo to acquire the proper angle from the seat

Using the automobile belt with the Evenflo is marginally better compared to the LATCH system along with a 6 out associated with 10 in our assessments. This is 1 stage below the average associated with 7, but 3 factors below the high associated with 10 earned by the particular Boulevard ClickTight. The lower score for the automobile belt installation is the 5 earned by the particular Safety 1st seat, which usually proved to be difficult to install no matter exactly what configuration we tried.

Pictures above show the belt path for that rear dealing with installation (left) and the particular forward facing belt route (right). While we now have raised the cover up to exhibit the path, you perform not need to raise the cover to line the belt for possibly path.

Given that this particular is a sensitive seat presently there isn't a lot to obtain in the way or even cause issues when setting up it using the vehicle belt. You will still require to use a soft towel when installing the chair rear facing, and this is still kind associated with a problem to thread the particular belt, but it will be easier to get the particular belt tight than this was utilizing the LATCH band. All testers felt this particular seat is a lot easier to set up using the vehicle belt, and some remarked that will the larger belt path holes were easier in order to use than some associated with the competition that experienced small pathways. In common, no matter which automobile we tested it within, it belt is simpler and we got the particular seat installed tighter compared to we could using the particular LATCH. This may make this okay for travel or even using in taxis, yet don't forget that annoying towel you will require to toe as lengthy as your son or daughter is rear dealing with.

Simplicity of use

The buckle on the particular Evenflo is among the easiest within the group to utilize. The particular sides pop on their own when the switch is pressed

Perhaps thank you to its lack associated with features that can occasionally make a seat hard to use, the Evenflo managed a good score within the ease of make use of metric with a seven out of 10. This particular ties with the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Transformable, and Britax Marathon. The lower score of 5 will be shared by the Maxi-Cosi Pria 70, Clek, Diono Radian RXT, Britax Roundabout, and Safety 1st. The particular high is definitely an 8 with regard to the BOulevard ClickTight. Provided that your everyday encounter could make or break your own love of a chair, we think simplicity of use is a good important metric for chairs to score well within. It had been nice to discover such an affordable seat that will is also simple to use.


The particular buckle on the Evenflo is the easiest within the group to drive and it sort of jumps open releasing both edges of the buckle at the same time, which makes it the truly one handed procedure. We liked this belt buckle so much, we desired all the buckles within the group were this particular easy. Unfortunately, many had been hard to push or even required two hands in order to take apart. The upper body or retainer clip about this seat less user pleasant and somewhat difficult in order to open when compared to easy belt buckle, but it isn't the particular worst in the team either and the operation is really a straight forward 1.

The particular harness release button upon the Evenflo is situated upon the foot of the particular seat above the tensing strap. The strap will be so low on the particular seat it can become hard to use when the particular seats is rear dealing with
The shoulder height adjusting for this harness will be the traditional rethread procedure for detaching the straps from the splitter plate in the particular as well as unthreading them through slots and rethreading in the desired height plus then reattaching towards the splitter plate. This process is just not difficult, it is simply more involved than the particular non-rethread style of adjusting, and parents will require to remove baby through the seat to accomplish plus possible remove the chair from the car in case it is forward dealing with to access the back again from the seat. We be concerned that parents will unintentionally delay making the adjusting as they are busy and this takes time they will not have when they 1st notice the problem. This particular could potentially result within baby wearing an incorrectly fitted harness which could trigger injuries in an accident. The slots are simple to thread through thank you to a lack associated with padding and material that will can make threading difficult. The shoulder height offers 4 positions and the particular crotch strap has two. It is tightened utilizing a strap at the feet from the seat and loose utilizing a lever button situated exposed on top associated with the fabric in the feet of the seat.

The LATCH storage on the Evenflo are basic attachment points upon the side from the chair. This does keep the particular straps from dragging, yet it doesn't really maintain them totally taken care of

The particular Evenflo has basic LATCH anchor storage with location for the anchors plus tether to attach in order to the back of the particular seat. It doesn't actually keep the straps away of the way therefore you'll also need in order to tuck the rest of the material below the seat to create all of them inaccessible to children. This particular seat also has the foldable cup holder which can be kept closed to get up less space or even opened for use. This is kind of a good useless holder however, and weren't impressed with this.

Photos over show the cup owner closed (left) and open up (right).

The fabric upon this seat is really easy to remove and it is held on with easy elastic loops that bypass plastic prongs strategically situated around the seat shell. The particular fabric is machine cleanable in cold water upon a gentle cycle, plus it is one associated with the few you are able to drop dry (albeit briefly). This particular is arguably one associated with the easiest fabric servings in the review in order to keep clean.


The Evenflo earned the lowest rating within our tests for comfort and ease and quality

The Evenflo earned the lowest rating in the group with regard to comfort and quality along with a 3 out associated with 10. A large component of this is because of its lack of alarms whistles and nods in order to added comfort like cushioning. The Chicco and Chaussee tied for the higher score within the metric along with a 9 for many cushioning, a smooth back, plus LATCH storage pockets. The particular Clek and the Peg arrived a close 2nd with an 8 each.

The fabric around the Evenflo feels sort of clever like plastic and just covers a thin quantity of padding. The absence of padding and plastic material feel mean it may not have to get very breathable more than the plastic shell plus children might grow exhausted easily. Deficiency of padding indicates it isn't probably the most comfortable seat and isn't really cushy. It also does not come with an baby insert and also to be secure you shouldn't add any kind of padding of your personal which means this makes the chair a poor fit with regard to small babies. The only real some other foam in this chair is the hard polyurethane foam close to the head area which usually is for impact assimilation as opposed to comfort and ease.

The rear of the Evenflo offers plenty of nooks, crannies, plus straps, but it does not have as many because a few of the others

The bottom associated with the Evenflo has a few sharp edges and protrusions
The bottom and the particular back of the chair are made from the sturdy plastic that ought to be quick cleaning, unfortunately the particular sides tend to be more scratchy sensation and have a consistency to them that will certainly make them more hard to clean and appears like a poor design option though they may possess reasons we don't realize. The back also offers lots of crevasses and this particular will make it actually harder to clean. The particular LATCH anchor storage is not great and while the particular anchors do hook on to the rear, the straps avoid have anywhere to proceed which means they will certainly be loose and possibly in the way. The particular foam is made associated with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) which usually is the more typical foam used in chairs and bike helmets. All of us like the Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), that is more environmentally pleasant and doesn't off gasoline.

The simplicity of the particular seat makes it appear tidy compared to numerous of the other chairs, but there are some other stuff that take away through the overall look from the seat. The fabric protect fits over the covering frame and is kept on by plastic videos. Unlike a few of the competition, such as the Britax which has the particular cover wrap round the chair and frame, this design allows the edges associated with the plastic frame to stay visible. The only component of the seat bottom part that is smooth may be the recline adjustment portion associated with it. The other relaxing points which make contact along with the vehicle seat are usually narrow edges of plastic material that could catch upon things or rub upon the fabric and possibly cause damage.


The Evenflo is the lightest chair in the group and something of the most thin at just over nine pounds and 17 ins

This is the least heavy seat in the evaluation at just over nine pounds. This can make it the good candidate for mother and father who frequent Taxis or even Uber. Unfortunately, if your own child is still seated rear facing it indicates you will need in order to use a towel because well and carrying the towel and car chair around might be the deal breaker for a lot of mother and father. It is one associated with the most narrow chairs in the review too at 17 inches, that is the same as the particular Clek. If you need in order to place more than two seats across the back again seat of your vehicle, or if you need to fit a good adult between two vehicle seats it might become a good option. The particular Clek weighs near to 37 pounds when rear dealing with the recline plus rebound bar additions, therefore while narrow it will be the heaviest in the particular group. The Maxi-Cosi Pria is the widest chair in the review in 21 inches wide.

Greatest Programs
Evenflo is the fairly popular brand whenever it comes to child gear, and while these people may not be recognized for their car chairs this one has a few from the better crash check data results in the particular review, that is something in order to brag about given that will it is also the particular cheapest option. While this particular seat did not rating that well overall, good it is a great seat which has an improved margin of protection that will makes a simple cost friendly option for family members on a budget or even those looking for the good second seat or even a seat going along with.

The Evenflo will be the cheapest seat with this review, by a substantial amount. However, we avoid always feel that the particular least expensive set is a great value if it does not work out to measure in overall performance or features. It will be worth noting with this particular chair that it did generate an overall score increased than 3 other chairs in the review plus it has one associated with the best crash check scores in this evaluation with only the Britax Marathon scoring higher within that metric. Good this particular, plus a higher simplicity of use score, make it the nice strategy to parents upon a budget and therefore, a great value.


The Evenflo Tribute EX is a good inexpensive seat that provides a high ease associated with use score and 1 of the best accident test scores in this particular group. Although it is very fundamental and simple in appears and function, and this lacks many of the particular features and functionality associated with the high end options, this manages to provide everything a person really in need within a car seat. This particular seat has crash check results that indicate this offers an extra margin associated with protection over most associated with the competition and this is simple to use. High ratings in these metrics create it a Best Worth winner within our minds, due to the fact it offers what mother and father in need in a chair for a price almost all families can afford.

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